Three Reasons Your Dentist Wants You to Floss

Dentist in Wayzata, MNHow often do you floss your teeth? If the answer is not every day, then you are not flossing enough. We have put together a list of reasons why you should floss regularly:

  • Clean All Teeth Surfaces – When you brush your teeth, you are completely missing the sides of your teeth. A toothbrush often misses these parts of your teeth because the space between them is too tight. If you want to make sure that all portions of your teeth are clean, you should start flossing as soon as possible.
  • Put a Stop to Plaque Buildup – Plaque loves to hide in the crevices of your teeth. Flossing allows you to reach into these parts of your teeth to get rid of any hidden plaque. When you miss it, it will eventually start to damage your teeth and gums. Additionally, plaque gives you bad breath.
  • Improve Your Overall Health – Did you know that poor dental health can be related to issues like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis? When you floss, you will help lower your risk of these conditions. Additionally, flossing can help improve existing health conditions.

Keeping your teeth nice and clean starts with a visit to your dentist in Wayzata, MN. The team at Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S., is ready to help you improve your dental health today.