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Why Do I Have a Toothache?

Dental Office in Plymouth, MNDealing with a toothache is upsetting. Figuring out the source of the problem can be hard. Here are a few reasons why people have toothaches:

  • Tooth Decay – The most common cause of a toothache is simple tooth decay. If you spot it soon enough, a dentist can help you by giving you a filing. When left alone, the problem can get worse. Without proper care, a dentist will eventually have to pull your tooth.
  • Bad Allergies – If you are one of the millions of Americans that suffer from allergies, you may not be surprised that sinus issues can lead to swelling that will cause pain in the roots of your upper molars. It would help if you tried taking an antihistamine to relieve the swelling and pain.
  • Infection – A tooth infection can happen for a variety of reasons. You may have an abscess, or the problem could be related to a bacterial problem. If you notice that you have a fever, swelling, and constant pain that never ends, the problem could be sepsis. A visit to the emergency room may be in your future if you are having any of these problems.

Make an appointment with Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S., when you have a toothache. The team at our dental office in Plymouth, MN, is available to assist you.

Three Reasons Your Dentist Wants You to Floss

Dentist in Wayzata, MNHow often do you floss your teeth? If the answer is not every day, then you are not flossing enough. We have put together a list of reasons why you should floss regularly:

  • Clean All Teeth Surfaces – When you brush your teeth, you are completely missing the sides of your teeth. A toothbrush often misses these parts of your teeth because the space between them is too tight. If you want to make sure that all portions of your teeth are clean, you should start flossing as soon as possible.
  • Put a Stop to Plaque Buildup – Plaque loves to hide in the crevices of your teeth. Flossing allows you to reach into these parts of your teeth to get rid of any hidden plaque. When you miss it, it will eventually start to damage your teeth and gums. Additionally, plaque gives you bad breath.
  • Improve Your Overall Health – Did you know that poor dental health can be related to issues like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis? When you floss, you will help lower your risk of these conditions. Additionally, flossing can help improve existing health conditions.

Keeping your teeth nice and clean starts with a visit to your dentist in Wayzata, MN. The team at Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S., is ready to help you improve your dental health today.

Proper Tooth Brushing Techniques

Dentist in Wayzata, MNDo you know how to brush your teeth correctly? We have put together a short list of techniques you should know to help you improve your teeth:

  • Cover All Surfaces – Think about the last time you have brushed your teeth. Did you cover each and every surface? It is vital to be thorough when brushing. This means you need to get the entire surface of your teeth, as well as make sure that you are cleaning your tongue and gums.
  • Brush for Two Minutes – Did you know that a quick 30-second brush does very little to benefit your teeth? Most adults do not know that they should be brushing their teeth for about two minutes. If you have trouble timing this, you should consider using the timer on your phone.
  • Replace Your Toothbrush – You should replace your toothbrush once every three months. If you can’t remember the last time you replaced it, it’s time to get a new one. Additionally, you should replace it if you have been sick.

Another way to take care of your teeth is to make regular dental appointments. The team at Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S., is here for you when you are looking for a talented dentist in Wayzata, MN. Come visit us today to learn more about our services.

Oral Care for Your Next Date

Dental Care in Wayzata, MNAre you going on a big date soon? If you are sensitive about your breath or teeth, you should check out these three pieces of advice from our team:

  • Consider Bad Breath – If you have issues with bad breath, you should stay prepared! Make sure you drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated, chew gum that has xylitol in it, and keep a small bottle of mouthwash on hand for emergencies.
  • Make Smart Food Choices – When you are looking at the menu, you should choose something that is low in carbs and heavy in vegetables, but watch out for those dishes with onions, garlic, and curry. Additionally, select tea instead of coffee after you eat.
  • Have Your Teeth Cleaned and Whitened – If you have enough time to plan for your big date, you should consider making an appointment with your dentist for teeth cleaning and whitening services. By doing this, you will be able to make an excellent first impression with your smile.

Feel confident that you will impress your date every time when you come to Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S., for dental care in Wayzata, MN. Our team is available to take care of cosmetic issues, as well as a variety of other problems.

Three Reasons to Go to the Dentist Before Valentine’s Day

Dentist in Wayzata, MNDo you have plans for Valentine’s Day? If so, you should plan a trip to the dentist before the big day. We have put together a list of three reasons why you need to visit the dentists before going out on that special date:

  • Kiss with Confidence – Do you have stains on your teeth? Is something causing you to have bad breath? Does it feel like something crawled into your mouth and died? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may not get that kiss you are seeking. A dentist can help you with these problems.
  • Get Your Mind Off the Pain – If you have been avoiding going to the dentist to take care of a cavity, then you should make an appointment now. Our team will put in a filling now, giving you a day or two to recover before your date. Also, you will be able to enjoy a chocolate or two without wincing.
  • Look Great – You want to look your best on your bid Valentine’s Day date. This means new clothes, having your hair done, and making sure you can flash a sassy grin at all times. A dentist can help you add a little bit of sass to your smile.

Count on the crew at Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S., when you need a dentist in Wayzata, MN. We take care of everything, including fillings, cosmetic procedures, and implants.

Make Family Moments Special with a Great Smile

Teeth Whitening in PlymouthAs a parent, you want to make your child’s first years special. This means going out into the world and doing all kinds of activities. It also means taking lots of pictures. If you are not confident in your smile, you may not be confident enough in your photos. Here are some reasons to improve your smile:

  • Teach Your Child to Smile – Did you know that your child takes cues from you when it comes to smiling? If they see you smiling often, then they are more likely to smile. Having this ability to smile often gives them the confidence they need to be happy at all times.
  • Look Back at Special Memories – Making special moments with your child that you want to look back on starts with simple tooth maintenance. By just keeping up with the necessary dental visits, you will have a bigger smile in your family vacation or holiday pictures.
  • Get Silly – Everyone loves to take a silly version of the standard family photo. When you don’t smile, you will not be able to get goofy in these pictures. Instead, you will look back at these pictures only to see a person who wasn’t enjoying the moment because you didn’t like your teeth.

Take care of your teeth today when you visit the team at Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S. Whether you need teeth whitening in Plymouth or are seeking veneers, our team is ready to assist you.

Improve Your Teeth in 2019

Dentist in Wayzata, MNThe New Year is right around the corner, which means you should consider making a resolution to take better care of your teeth. We have put together a list of three things you can do to make your smile a little brighter:

  • Start Flossing – Bad breath, tartar buildup, and gum disease – all of these issues can be fought if you start flossing your teeth now. It is recommended that you thoroughly floss at least once a day. You should consider doing it first thing in the morning before you brush your teeth.
  • Buy a New Toothbrush – People are supposed to buy a new toothbrush once every three months to ensure that they are using a brush that works. For 2019, you should throw away your old brush and buy something nice. Consider investing in a new electric toothbrush.
  • Make a Dental Appointment – Are you the type of person who waits a few years to see the dentist? Make an appointment for 2019 today. You can rest assured that our dentists will be happy to see you, working with you to ensure that your teeth are in great shape.

Make an appointment for a dental checkup and cleaning today with the team at Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S. We are the office to call when you are looking for a new dentist in Wayzata, MN, and the surrounding areas.

Reasons to Request Veneers

Veneers in PlymouthVeneers are not just for movie stars. Everyday people get veneers – including people like you. Here are a few great reasons to invest in veneers:

  • Chipped Teeth – Have you dealt with tooth chipping and wear over the years? This is not something that can be fixed with a bridge or a filling. Veneers can correct this issue by replacing all of your damaged teeth with beautiful teeth that look as good as a movie star’s teeth.
  • Spacing Problems – When your teeth are too big or small, veneers can fix the issue. When you get veneers, your teeth are made smaller to fit the veneers. Then, your dentist will install custom veneers that are made from a mold of your teeth to fit your mouth correctly.
  • Misshapen Teeth – People with misshapen teeth often feel like there is nothing they can do about their unusual teeth, as these are the teeth that they have always had. With veneers, you can have these teeth buffed and shaped. Then, a veneer is placed on the tooth with special bonding cement to cover the tooth.

When you are interested in veneers in Plymouth, as well as the surrounding areas, you can trust the team at Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S., to assist you. We offer a wide array of cosmetic dentistry services for your needs.

Vital Information about Invisalign Braces

Invisalign in PlymouthAre you or a member of your family in need of braces? The team at Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S., is here to help you. Instead of traditional braces, our doctors are happy to offer Invisalign options. Whether you are an adult who doesn’t want to deal with conventional braces or are concerned about your teenage child’s feelings, there are many benefits to choosing these quality orthodontic options.

This product is unique as it takes a different approach to straightening teeth than traditional orthodontic care. When you invest in this alternative to braces, you will receive a set of custom aligners that are created specifically for your teeth. These comfortable trays are made of smooth and clear plastic, so no one will be able to tell that you are wearing them. All you have to do is put in new aligners every couple of weeks, and your teeth will begin to shift in the same way that your teeth move with brackets and wires.

Contact the doctors at our office to learn more about Invisalign in Plymouth. We have years of cosmetic dentistry experience, so you can rest assured that we will be able to answer your questions and improve your smile with no problems.

Upgrade Your Smile

When you feel confident, you smile. Having a healthy smile gives you the assurance that you need to smile without worrying about missing teeth or discoloration. Some people just have natural smiles that rarely need any dental work, but others have to go to a dentist to improve their smile. There is no shame in working on your smile and the team at Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S., is ready to help you.

Whitening your teeth a simple way to improve your smile. There are many kinds of toothpaste and kits out there that can help, but a professional can assist you differently. We can look at the discoloration and make improvements that these kits cannot do. If you have quit coffee and cigarettes recently, it is likely that your teeth are discolored. We have years of cosmetic dentistry experience and can recommend crowns and veneers for certain situations. It is important to note that a touchup is required every few years to ensure that your smile continues to shine.

Contact us today at (763) 475-2820 to meet with us to discuss teeth whitening in Plymouth. We will take the time to check out your teeth and make a special whitening plan for you.