Dental Emergencies

It can be a very frightening and painful experience to have a dental emergency. Luckily, our talented team of dentists is here to help you immediately alleviate pain and ensure the best possible chance of survival for your damaged teeth.

The most common type of dental emergency we experience at our office is someone with an avulsed tooth, which is when a tooth has been knocked out of the mouth. Setting up an appointment with us right away is the key to saving the tooth, but there are some other things you should do to improve your chances of saving the tooth. The first thing you should do is to carefully pick up the tooth by the crown and rinse it with saline or saliva. Do not rinse the tooth with water and make sure you do not touch the root. If possible, you should try to place the tooth back into its socket, but if it can’t be replaced, you should place it into a cup of milk instead as you make your way to our dentist.

The other common dental emergency we see is when a patient comes in with a lost crown or filling. This usually happens because the tooth underneath the dental treatment is decaying. An unprotected tooth will usually become very sensitive and it requires a dentist to fix this treatment and help you alleviate your pain. If you can’t make it to the dentist right away, we recommend placing the crown back in with toothpaste; never use glue to replace a crown.

Contact us for more information to learn how we can restore your smile with our dental procedures. Our team is proud to offer our high-quality services to patients located throughout the Plymouth, Minnesota, area.