Why Do I Have a Toothache?

Dental Office in Plymouth, MNDealing with a toothache is upsetting. Figuring out the source of the problem can be hard. Here are a few reasons why people have toothaches:

  • Tooth Decay – The most common cause of a toothache is simple tooth decay. If you spot it soon enough, a dentist can help you by giving you a filing. When left alone, the problem can get worse. Without proper care, a dentist will eventually have to pull your tooth.
  • Bad Allergies – If you are one of the millions of Americans that suffer from allergies, you may not be surprised that sinus issues can lead to swelling that will cause pain in the roots of your upper molars. It would help if you tried taking an antihistamine to relieve the swelling and pain.
  • Infection – A tooth infection can happen for a variety of reasons. You may have an abscess, or the problem could be related to a bacterial problem. If you notice that you have a fever, swelling, and constant pain that never ends, the problem could be sepsis. A visit to the emergency room may be in your future if you are having any of these problems.

Make an appointment with Arnesen, Herbert, & Endean, D.D.S., when you have a toothache. The team at our dental office in Plymouth, MN, is available to assist you.